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  • T. Colin Campbell: The China Study

    T. Colin Campbell: The China Study
    Interested in the science behind a plant-based diet? Campbell's book is based on 40 years of research for the U.S. government. It's the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and I'd say the most important book about nutrition ever written. I'm proud to note that this amazing researcher wrote the foreword for Becoming Whole.

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this definitely looks mouth watering!

Meg Wolff

Hi Maria,
It definitely was! :-)

Carol Seavitt

Hello Meg -- I've made this dish before (mix all my almost old vegetables and add tempeh)! It is so good and I've been using a rice tempeh which is very nice.

Meg Wolff

Hi Carol,
Always great hearing from you. You create as you go, too. Rice tempeh sounds like a winner!


Hi Meg,

At what point do you add the tempeh in the recipe?

Meg Wolff

Thanks for asking. I added the tempeh after the potato had cooked a little, before the vegetables.

ffxiv gil

There's no need to boil or marinate it beforehand to soften. And it's wonderfully fresh. Just cut it into squares and add to whatever dish you plan on making.

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