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  • My Message ... and Joyce Tenneson's Poignant Photos of My Mastectomy

Most Influential Book

  • T. Colin Campbell: The China Study

    T. Colin Campbell: The China Study
    Interested in the science behind a plant-based diet? Campbell's book is based on 40 years of research for the U.S. government. It's the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and I'd say the most important book about nutrition ever written. I'm proud to note that this amazing researcher wrote the foreword for Becoming Whole.

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Hi Meg! The Pepperclub Restaurant sounds great (I will have to try it next time I am visiting parents in Cape Elizabeth!), and Cammie going to cooking school sounds like such a fantastic idea (I would LOVE to do that...maybe someday as a second career?). I just wanted to leave a comment and say thank you for your books, blogs, and how they have inspired me to live a more healthy life. My "journey" to healthy living began when I decided to be a vegetarian over one year ago, and continued when I received your book (A Life in Balance) as a gift. Ever since then I have been trying harder and harder to phase out different foods I used to eat (dairy, eggs, cheese, animal products in general...meat was an easy one, I just don't like it!). After trying recipes in your book, I've accumulated other references (recommended by you!) including The China Study, Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics, and your first book, Becoming Whole. Nutrition and diet are such an important part of our lives, and I appreciate all you have done to educate, inspire, and motivate me and so many others. Thank you, Meg!

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.


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