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BECOMING WHOLE ... my first book

  • My Story, a bounty of recipes, menu plans, a "How-to Guide" and resources galore


  • My Message ... and Joyce Tenneson's Poignant Photos of My Mastectomy

Most Influential Book

  • T. Colin Campbell: The China Study

    T. Colin Campbell: The China Study
    Interested in the science behind a plant-based diet? Campbell's book is based on 40 years of research for the U.S. government. It's the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and I'd say the most important book about nutrition ever written. I'm proud to note that this amazing researcher wrote the foreword for Becoming Whole.

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Marlene Watson-Tara

Hi Meg,
Love your attitude, I have sent some clients 'victims' of their sickness to your site to be inspired as only you can.
Marlene x

meg wolff

Hi Marlene,
Thank you! I appreciate your support. xx

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